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Setting the global standard in Professional Sales

✔ University credit-rated sales courses.
✔ Industry approved.
✔ Globally recognised.

Become a Certified sales professional.


Develop your sales skills and advance your career with a globally recognised qualification.


Get certified. Get promoted. Earn more.


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ESI Courses give you the skills, confidence and certification to succeed.


Advance your career with an immersive certified sales training course that develops the skills employers are looking for today. Skills like Discipline, Drive, Resilience, Problem Solving, Relationship management…and a whole lot more.

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Advance your career as a Sales Professional

University credit-rated sales courses that develop and certify the sales skills that employers want today.

Enabling you to become a well-rounded, valuable sales professional who is moving on to the next stage of your career.

ESI for partners

Get Ahead

The world’s leading sales certification standard – wherever and whenever suits you.

Stay Relevant

Develop the skills employers want in their commercial people today.

Earn More

Better skills mean more sales. More sales and promotions mean higher earnings.

Our Certified Sales Programme.

ESI courses establish a new global certification standard for sales today. For the first time, ESI enables Sales to be recognised as a Profession – not just a job. ESI courses are approved by the Global Sales Skills Council and credit-rated by the Scottish Qualifications Authority.

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The ESI difference

Different by Design.



ESI is online-first. Always-on. Fully-scalable. 24/7, 365 days a year. Asynchronous.

Just-in-time…when and where you need it.



Develops skills that employers want today.

Learning Model

Learning Model

Different by design: changing behaviour through instructional science.



Work-based & applied in real time. Learn at lunchtime – apply in the afternoon.



A new global university-grade certification: Professionalising Sales Today.

Business Impact

Business Impact

Beyond learning outcomes. ESI is proven to change behaviour that drives better results – accelerating personal and business growth.

Customer Success

Customer Success

World class management & support that drives growth and success for your people and your business.

The ESI Experience

The ESI Experience

A true partner: flexible and agile. A deeply personalised experience that is different by design: ‘ESI is an extension of my team’.

Why Sales Professionals choose ESI.

Earn more: ESI is proven to drive higher sales results  which, in turn, drive higher earnings.

Career Development: ESI prepares you for the next stage of your career by developing the skills employers really want in their sales people today.

Personal Profile & Credibility: ESI graduates consistently report higher visibility, profile and credibility among colleagues and business leaders.

Convenience: As an online solution, ESI is always-on – providing you with truly personalised, self-directed and self-paced learning that you can enjoy anytime and anywhere.

Certification & CPD: For the first time, you have the opportunity to have your skills validated through a suite of global certification options as part of your Continued Professional Development.

Trusted & Reliable Support: ESI’s Customer Success team is ready to assist you at every stage of your journey. Racing ahead or catching up, we’re here for you because we know ‘life happens’.

Skills for Life: The talent industry calls them transversal skills. ESI graduates call them skills for life! We’re delighted when learners find ESI transformational in and beyond the workplace.

Our graduates love our courses and they really love what it does for them and their businesses.


ESI graduates are selling more, earning more and getting promoted!


ESI’s insights played a role in closing a £500k deal this year. The courses helped us streamline the necessary efforts to seal the deal.

Chris Knight – Account Manager, United Kingdom

Having a professional diploma and understanding sales methods makes me standout. ESI changed how I think and I recommend this diploma for anyone in sales and business.

Richie Duignan, Account Executive – Australia

I hit bonus this past quarter and it’s now the new normal for me. I also see the results in my professionalism, my new attitude and controlling what I can.

Lorri Ann Zelaznik, Sales Manager – USA

ESI graduates come from all over the world and they work at companies like…

Start your journey to selling more, earning more and getting promoted!

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ESI for Companies

Fix the commercial skills shortage in your business

Empower your people with the skills & confidence to succeed. ESI’s proven Growth+ solution enables companies to develop their people at scale.

Designed specifically for businesses, Growth+ is easy, flexible and the most cost-effective way to implement ESI. It develops the soft skills your sales professionals need in a way that changes their behaviour and generates better business results for them and your business.


ESI for Companies

Why employers love our
sales certification courses.


Higher production: ESI is proven to drive better business results through real behavioural change.

Increased employee retention: ESI increases employee engagement leading to lower commercial staff turnover.

Talent mobility: ESI fills the commercial career & professional development gap and drives talent mobility and succession planning.

Shorter time-to-productivity: ESI can be an onboarding tool that enables rapid role transition and accelerates time-to-productivity.

Scalable: As a fully scalable online solution, ESI ensures consistency in skills development and support of remote workers across locations, time-zones, countries and continents.

Lower cost: ESI is lower cost in every way – far more cost-effective and less resource-intensive than traditional training. Customers have also reported lower costs in areas such as lead acquisition and recruitment.

Work-based: ESI removes the need to take salespeople ‘off the floor’ to develop new skills. The programme is embedded in the workflow driving real-time application on-the-job. Never again does performance have to stop for learning. With ESI, learning drives performance.

Certification: ESI provides a suite of options to validate the skills you need in your commercial teams.

A trusted partner: ESI is your trusted partner, complementing sales strategy and lightening the load on HR, Sales Leadership, and Learning & Development.


About ESI

Our mission is simple: To Professionalise Sales Today.


ESI helps people to develop the skills employers require in their commercial teams today.

In addition, ESI has established a new global certification standard for professional sales – providing our community with the opportunity to have those skills recognised and certified with a university-grade qualification.


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Who is ESI for?

ESI graduates come from a wide range of backgrounds. You could be starting on your sales career – or been in the business for decades. You could be moving into sales from another part of your company. You could be in Customer Success. Or Account Management. Or Business development.

In fact, ESI develops the skills that employers need in any sales, sales-related or customer facing role. Our unique courses enable you to apply what you’re learning in your own professional context. And best of all: you get a university-grade qualification that recognises these skills and advances your career.

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Scale and differentiate your business with the ESI Partner+ Programme


ESI offers a lucrative business opportunity to partners across the globe who operate in the Sales, Learning or Talent industries.


ESI for Partners

At ESI, we understand sales people and their skills requirements like no-one else!

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