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Employers cannot find people with the commercial skills they need today. ESI fixes this problem. 

Our mission is simple: to Professionalise Sales today!


ESI is an industry led and career-focused learning provider that delivers online, portfolio-based sales training and industry certification for sales professionals everywhere.

Setting the global standard in professional sales.

Commercial roles are the hardest for employers to fill globally. This is because sales people today need something different to succeed.

A different approach. A different mindset. Different skills. Complex and sophisticated skills. Yet there was nowhere to go to develop these skills – or have them certified. Until now!

ESI’s certifications set a new global standard in professional sales. We provide professionals and employers with a tangible, straightforward and objective measure by which to assess and prove sales skills and knowledge.

ESI courses are overseen by the Global Sales Skills Council to ensure relevance and credit-rated by the Scottish Qualifications Authority to ensure the highest educational standards.

Who We Are.

ESI is a team of learning & technology professionals that believe passionately in the ability of digital learning to develop people and transform their careers. We have been immersed in the digital learning industry for decades and have built, managed and sold businesses all over the world.

ESI is an international business based in Dublin, Ireland with a community of customers, learners, alumni, partners & advisers all over the world.


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Our Philosophy.

We believe that the global shortage of commercial talent can be fixed through a new paradigm of skills development, training and certification.



The skills employers require today cannot be learned on a sales training course: they must be developed over time and on the job. Digital learning is the perfect medium for this process and we have set about building a solution based on instructional science that has been designed to be truly different and proven to change behaviour and improve business performance – every single day.

As a business and as people, we challenge the tired and outdated sales training status quo. We are market-led – developing relevant skills online using a combination of world-class instructional design, global accreditation and customer success.


At ESI we are always learning.

Our Values.

ESI as a business and a learning provider embraces 3 key values that are
intertwined into everything we do:


Here at ESI, we believe in excellence and high-performance in everything we do – from the quality of our learning philosophy to the world-leading customer success model that our clients & learners love.


You cannot create a unique, unrivalled solution without being groundbreaking & innovative. ESI was created and designed to be different from the get go. We seek to make a little bit of history every single day.


Sales can be tough sometimes. We ask our learners to embrace that adversity and use it to their advantage and to drive their own performance. We wouldn’t dare ask anything of our learners that we wouldn’t ask of ourselves.

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