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Introducing the Global Sales Skills Council.

  • What is the Global Sales Skills Council?

    The GSSC promotes and encourages the highest standards in the education and certification of professional sales people globally. This remit provides employers and individuals with the assurance that, at ESI, they are developing and certifying the skills they need to succeed today.

  • Who is on it?

    The GSSC comprises a diverse panel of senior executives from global organisations including multinational corporations, employers, educational institutions, accelerators and government agencies.

    Our GSSC members represent a range of disciplines – each offering a different perspective on the ESI mission – including C-Level Executives, Sales People, Sales Leadership, Sales Enablement, Talent Management, Learning Technologies & Certification.

  • What does the GSSC do?

    The GSSC offers validation and guidance on ESI’s mission to Professionalise Sales Today. Its remit includes:

    • Validation of the ESI problem statement: sales roles are the hardest for employers to fill globally because there is a worldwide shortage of commercial talent
    • Ensuring that ESI graduates have the skills necessary for employment, career development and to sell consistently at a level of high performance
    • Provision of real-world input to ensure that ESI programmes match the expectations and needs of the industry
    • Guidance of ESI programme and curriculum development
    • Thought leadership on the future of skills, learning and work
    • Validation and assurance of quality and ESI’s standards of excellence

GSSC Members.

ESI sales training

Chip Houghton

VP & Sr. Director, Global Talent Management, Certified Executive Coach

David Costello

CEO, PSI Mobile
ESI sales training

Duncan Dunlop

Helping companies reduce costs and increase productivity through skills transformation and capability development

Garry Cleere

Curriculum Designer, Complivero

Jo Weech

People, Talent Attraction and HR, Exemplary Consultants
ESI sales training

John Drury

Senior Managing Consultant
ESI sales training

Jon Kaplan

Senior Learning & Development Executive and Consultant; Upskilling & Reskilling | Leadership & Executive Development

Julian Douglas

Managing Director, CX Academy

Lisa Dillon

Vice President of Small Medium & Corporate EMEA at Microsoft

Michael Arkins

Head of HR – EMEA at SHEIN

Niall Larkin

Senior Programme Manager at RDI Hub and NDRC
ESI sales training

Olga Long

Vice President || Revenue Operations & Enablement

Peter Gillis

Innovation team lead and Senior Researcher, Learnovate

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