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I achieved better business outcomes, developed skills & learned about myself

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Stephanie Soltis

Healthcare account recruitment specialist with experience in corporate senior account management and recruitment


Personalised… able to make it my own. I haven’t stopped learning

I have broad experience across several commercial roles. Because of that experience, ESI is for me a very personalised learning journey. I was able to take the ESI programme structure and make it my own. While I was part of a group that was steered through the programme by the brilliant ESI Customer Success team, I was able to manage my experience differently from my colleagues in a way that I could live and breathe ESI.

One of the biggest differences, versus traditional sales training, was the ability to apply what I was learning – repeatedly over time. This made my learning very real because, by constantly applying ESI in everyday situations, I was keeping myself accountable to timeframes and deadlines. Once I started applying ESI, I saw the benefits from day 1.

The secret to ESI for me is all in the application. I was able to dissect what I am not doing and change my behaviour. This becomes habitual…. everyday…it is not just a thought process. Because of this, I am still using my ESI tools – the portfolios, assignment notes and impact statements. I haven’t stopped learning: I am able to go back and see what I might be missing, and this helps me to constantly become better.

Applying, engaging, and using ESI is a constant. This is not a programme that you walk away from.



I achieved better business outcomes, developed skills & learned about myself


Higher performance

The biggest impact of ESI was in delivering better business outcomes: I have improved my book of business and my forecast for the full year is now higher.

Better forecasting

My forecasting is simply better – not just how I forecast a month but thinking about the full year. I am better prepared to overcome my own optimism bias (something I learned about in ESI) and failing to think how hard it will be to close sales. I can now believe in my own delivery.

Skills development

ESI helped me develop several activities that sales people should really master. I got better at prospecting, qualifying, solution and conceptual selling, establishing value, proposals and negotiating, all leading to more effective final approval and order confirmation.

Being better prepared

I understand the value of knowing what I should be asking people and being ready for their answers…knowing what those pros and cons might be and planning for how I will overcome what might arise.

Personal accountability

I became more honest with myself. I had a tendency to underestimate the time it would take for a deal to take place. I became more accountable – to myself and to others.

Personal development

In addition to all of this, ESI has contributed to my own internal growth. I love my company and this programme has truly helped me to have more honest conversations. People see me applying what I have learned and that has enabled me to help others.  I can now better engage with colleagues and be more confident – not just in sales but in daily life.




I appreciate everything. I Iearned a lot and learned a lot about myself

I learned invaluable lessons and gained insights that went beyond professional development.

ESI’s approach helped me understand my strengths, work on my weaknesses, and build confidence in my decisions.

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