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Professional certification 
for your sales people

Fix the shortage of
commercial sales skills in
your business.

At ESI, we do things differently from traditional online sales certification courses. From what we teach to how we teach it. We know that soft sales skills have evolved in recent years and how difficult it is for you to find people with those skills.

ESI is built on the fact that high-performance selling today is not about what your people do. It is all about how they think. ESI’s online sales training and certification programme develops the soft skills your sales professionals need in a way that changes their behaviour and generates better business results for them and your business.

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sales training for employers
sales training solution

Learn it at lunchtime.
Apply it in the afternoon.

Better still, all of this is done online and on demand. 24/7. 365 days a year. It doesn’t matter where your people are or when they want to learn. No need to take your people off the job to learn, ESI is embedded in the workflow and applied on the job in real time.

sales training solution

The ESI solution is built on science.

This just doesn’t happen by accident. The ESI solution is built on years of research and decades of instructional design experience and science. The skills codified in the ESI curriculum are custom fit to match the exact skills employers like you need in your sales people – but cannot find.

Our ESI sales certification programme is proven to work because our world-leading instructional design is focused not just on generating great learning outcomes but also driving real behavioural change that drives better results – on the job.

Why employers love our
sales certification courses.

Higher production: ESI is proven to drive better business results through real behavioural change.

Increased employee retention: ESI increases employee engagement leading to lower commercial staff turnover.

Talent mobility: ESI fills the commercial career & professional development gap and drives talent mobility and succession planning.

Shorter time-to-productivity: ESI can be an onboarding tool that enables rapid role transition and accelerates time-to-productivity.

Scalable: As a fully scalable online solution, ESI ensures consistency in skills development and support of remote workers across locations, time-zones, countries and continents.

Lower cost: ESI is lower cost in every way – far more cost-effective and less resource-intensive than traditional training. Customers have also reported lower costs in areas such as lead acquisition and recruitment.

Work-based: ESI removes the need to take salespeople ‘off the floor’ to develop new skills. The programme is embedded in the workflow driving real-time application on-the-job. Never again does performance have to stop for learning. With ESI, learning drives performance.

Certification: ESI provides a suite of options to validate the skills you need in your commercial teams.

A trusted partner: ESI operates as a truly trusted partner for your business – complementing your sales enablement strategy and reducing the load on HR, Sales Leadership, Sales Enablement and Learning & Development.

Empower your people with the skills & confidence to succeed.

If you are struggling to find people with the sales skills needed to perform today, we can help. ESI graduates are fully equipped with a suite of complex sales and entrepreneurial skills that drive higher business performance including Discipline, Drive, Resilience, Problem Solving, Relationship Management and a whole lot more. ESI graduates tell us that these skills make them materially better at prospecting, forecasting, negotiating and, most importantly, closing. In short, ESI gives sales people worldwide the skills and confidence to succeed.

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Our customers say that ESI has changed their business:

“ESI has been nothing short of brilliant. Every single sales professional has found value in this.” 

“Since our leadership meeting, I have had other managers ask how they can be included in your awesome product 

“Employee retention has been higher of those who have participated in ESI” 

Find out how ESI can transform your sales teams and help them to reach their full potential today!

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