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Attract, Develop & Retain High-Performing Sales Talent: Live Webinar March 24th

Sales Challenges

Attract, Develop & Retain High-Performing Sales Talent: Live Webinar March 24th

Wednesday March 24th ESI CEO, Alan Maguire will be hosting a live webinar in partnership with Gnowbe Courses.

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It is understood that every time a company loses a sales rep, it costs the business at least €120,000 – this is in terms of lost productivity, recruitment, onboarding, training and worst of all, opportunity costs….

The second caveat is that there is a major shortage of high performing sales professionals in today’s job market. So, you may end up losing your star sales team and have no way of replacing them in the immediate future!
ESI seeks to remedy this growing issue in the sector and has already worked with many global companies to successfully upskill and retain a high performing and effective sales team.

Alan, as the co-founder and CEO of ESI has gained invaluable industry knowledge around these issues and seeks to share these insights with you in the upcoming webinar.

In the course of the 50-minute webinar Alan will be addressing:

  • Why sales roles are the most difficult to fill globally?
  • The global shortage of sales skills among todays Sales professionals.
  • His perspective on the challenges facing sales professionals and the businesses hiring sales professionals in today’s climate.
  • How can companies retain their high performing sales reps?
  • How to maintain their sales reps operating at a high-performance level?

Don’t miss out and reserve your spot today for the Live Webinar Wed 24th March at 5pm (GMT).


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