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At ESI, everything starts with our curriculum. The big difference with ESI starts as much with what we teach as how we teach it.

The ESI curriculum was built to be different by design.  This is not another sales methodology – you will find plenty of them elsewhere. ESI is not about teaching sales people what to do. ESI is all about teaching sales people how to think.

Relevant & Demand-led:

ESI’s curriculum is based on Data & Science.

Like everyone, you are probably suffering from the global shortage of sales talent & skills. But what does that really mean?

At ESI, we chose to look. We undertook a detailed analysis of job specifications and competency maps from employers all over the world. This told us – at a detailed level – what skills employers really want their sales people to have today.

What we found was fascinating: employers want sales people who are confident and entrepreneurial. People who are problem-solvers and who can act independently and consistently operate to a level of high-performance. And that isn’t all: we collated, interpreted and codified those complex & sophisticated skills into a world-leading sales skills taxonomy and created the unique & proprietary ESI curriculum.

Put simply, sales skills have evolved but traditional sales training has not. We have built a curriculum that develops the skills you want in your people today – but cannot find.

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Fits with what you already do.

We also know that there is some sales training that employers do best: product knowledge, industry knowledge, your chosen methodology – whatever it may be. ESI is designed to complement and fit seamlessly with the rest of your sales enablement initiatives.

We differentiate by doing the things employers cannot do due to time constraints, resources or expertise. Developing complex, sophisticated cognitive skills online is not easy.

Let ESI do it for you.

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Our Certified Sales Courses map to international frameworks.

The ESI curriculum is independently audited to the highest standards. It maps to and has equivalence with international curriculum frameworks and is credit-rated by our Certification partner – Glasgow Caledonian University. All overseen by and with the guidance of ESI’s independent Advisory Board – the Global Sales Skills Council.

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At ESI, we understand your sales people and
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