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A Complete Solution.

To truly change behaviour and accelerate your business growth, ESI provides you with a Customer Success experience that ensures you get the business results you require. And it is unlike any service you have received from a vendor before.

Your ESI Experience is made complete by our world-class Customer Success team that, in the words of one customer, treats your business as if it was our own.

ESI Customer Success operates at 3 levels to provide you with the support, management and feedback that will drive your business:

  • Learner Support
  • Programme Management
  • Strategic Partnership

ESI’s Growth+ platform is an always-on, entirely self-contained online training and certification solution that provides world class curriculum, learning & certification.

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Learner First:

At ESI, everything starts with people – your people. We get to understand who they really are, their roles their development needs and their own motivations. With you, we identify targeted skills development and behavioural change. We develop personalised journeys for teams and individuals that develop the right skills at the right time. Learners are guided and supported on every step of  their ESI journey. Progress is monitored and obstacles overcome because, as our Customer Success team likes to say, ‘Life Happens!’. ESI learner support includes:

  • Metrics-driven monitoring of leaner engagement and progress
  • Topic briefings & learning plans
  • Unit clinics that bring learning and reflections together
  • Group & one-to-one consultations
  • Feedback on learning portfolios and submissions
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We are there For You!

ESI’s programme management is all about you – our  customer. We provide guidance on and management of ESI implementation including a diagnosis of your business objectives. The changes you want to see in behaviour and results.  From there it is all about ongoing feedback that provides a summary of learner engagement, evidence of behavioural change and business results and thought leadership on ESI programme direction. ESI’s programme management includes:

  • Diagnosis of business objectives, targeted skills development and behavioural change requirements.
  • Programme implementation in partnership with customer champion/sponsor.
  • Recurring reporting and feedback on progress versus objectives that is both Quantitative & Qualitative.
  • Guidance, thought leadership and advice on programme direction.

Our goal at ESI is to either relieve you of responsibilities you already have or add capabilities where there were none before. Our customers don’t see us as ‘just’ a vendor. As one customer kindly put it, ‘ESI is an extension of my team.’

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The proof of success, is in the Data.

ESI is about addressing the global shortage of commercial skills & talent. That is a long-term problem for your business and we take a long-term view of our relationship. As a result, a key component of our Customer Success model is at a strategic level.

You may have a skills gap in your commercial teams. You may be hiring because of business growth. Like many, you may be suffering from high turnover levels in your commercial staff. ESI’s Strategic Partnership support offers regular sessions that look at these common problems from a skills development perspective and offer guidance, thought-leadership and best practice from our experience with a global client base.

A Trusted Partner.

ESI was designed to be different. We know that successful online learning and development requires world class curriculum, learning & certification. We also know it goes way beyond a list of login details. Our Customer Success model provides a complete ESI Experience that will profoundly impact you, your people and your business and that you simply will not get anywhere else. As one client puts it, “ESI isn’t really training – it’s more like a company transformation process”.



What our customers say about ESI Customer Success:

“ESI has freed up time and resources”

“I have never had vendor support of a standard and quality like this”

“ESI’s X-Factor is how easy it is to work with them”

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