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Everyone at ESI is passionate about learning technology and how it can drive sales skills development.

With decades of experience in the learning technology industry, building engaging & immersive digital learning solutions is in our DNA.


Online learning with purpose.

The fact is that the sales skills employers want today are complex and sophisticated. These skills can only be developed over time and on-the-job. Almost by definition, therefore, these skills cannot be developed effectively by a traditional training course. Online learning provides the perfect medium through which to develop these in-demand skills.

Learning & Development Course

Learning that changes behaviour & delivers results.

ESI’s instructional model is ‘digital-first’ which means that the ESI solution has been designed specifically for online delivery using our proprietary Digital Learning Model.

Growth+ provides an immersive and engaging learning experience that is based on world-class instructional design principles. This journey exposes the user to a range of interactive & engaging learning and development experiences that fall under 3 instructional pillars:


  • Online Instruction

    Core online multi-media instruction materials including video, podcasts, interactive devices & carefully curated third-party content.

  • Guided Learning

    An experimental mode where users can reflect & test the concepts they have learned in their own working context.

  • Work-Based Application

    Devices & exercises to drive real time on-the-job application of what users have learned and the skills they have developed.

Put simply, ESI works.

Not by accident – but by scientific instructional design.



Sales Skill Development

Anytime Anywhere learning that offers flexibility for all.

ESI courses offer full flexibility for both client & learner:

Your choice between entirely self-paced learning or more scheduled programmatic cohorts as needed – all supported by ESI’s customer success team.

‘Bite-sized’ learning that allow for just-in-time delivery and real-time on-the-job application -‘learn at lunchtime – apply in the afternoon’.

Varied range of assessment modalities including portfolios, assignments, impact statements and online exams.

A suite of certification and stackable credential options.

Measurable business impact and behavioural change.

At ESI, we understand your sales people and
their skills requirements like no-one else!

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