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At ESI, we have established a new global standard in professional sales. We offer a suite of certification options where there was none before.

The reality is that employers demand ever more complex skills of their salespeople, but there was nowhere to have those skills certified – until now.

The ESI stackable credential solution is led by our flagship Professional Diploma in Entrepreneurial Sales which is University credit-rated and mapped to international qualifications frameworks.

The ESI programme is fully modular & flexible which enables not just personalised learning but also personalised certification!

ESI provides a fully flexible stackable credential solution that includes:

sales training certification
Flexible digital badges based on course, unit or skills-based achievement
develop sales skills
Credit-rated micro-credentials
sales training certifications
Credit-rated Professional Diploma
sales training certifications


ESI customers, learners and partners  love the fact that there is now, at last, a global commercial certification of the highest standard  – the ESI Professional Diploma. In addition, we will  help you and your team get the skills validation that is right for you  by offering flexible certification and accreditation solutions to meet any skills development programme requirements. Helping your team to reach their potential,  accelerate their growth both professionally and personally and have all this validated in a recognised portable global certification.

sales training certification


Like everything else at ESI, our certification and assessment solutions are designed to meet the highest quality standards under the governance of the  ESI Learning Team.  Our Curriculum & Diploma are credit-rated by Glasgow Caledonian University which specialises in world-class work-based learning programmes and certification.

Certification is governed by the ESI Exam Board to ensure consistency & fairness. More generally, the ESI Entrepreneurial Sales programme is guided and overseen by our independent advisory board – The Global Sales Skills Council.


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