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ESI Partners with Doqaru to Revolutionise Sales Education

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We are delighted to share this announcement of ESI’s new partnership with Doqaru Limited.

ESI Co-founder and CEO of ESI Alan Maguire called this partnership a seamless match of world class certified sales training with world class sales enablement consulting. Apart from truly understanding the sales profession today, Sarah Downs (F.FISP), Dr Yekemi Otaru and colleagues are also just great to work with.

Doqaru Co-founder and Chief Growth Officer, Dr Yekemi Otaru explained the thought process behind our partnership: “We selected ESI because their offering is incredibly impactful for sales teams seeking continuous improvement throughout the year. We use our data-driven tool to identify competency gaps, and ESI integrates these insights to create tailored sales education journeys for each learner”. This collaboration with ESI represents a substantial milestone for Doqaru Limited, serving to reaffirm our commitment to nurturing business growth and enhancing sales performance.

If you would like to read more on our new partnership, click the link here: 🔗https://lnkd.in/eTKhd_pq


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