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A new sales certification that

validates skills and develops careers.


Stand out with a sales certification that is recognised globally. Getting certified shows that your new skills are industry-validated.

Get Certified. Get Promoted. Earn More.


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Our Certified Sales Programme.

ESI courses establish a new global certification standard for sales today. For the first time, ESI enables Sales to be recognised as a Profession – not just a job. ESI courses are approved by the Global Sales Skills Council and credit-rated by the Scottish Qualifications Authority.

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Why certification matters.


In any profession, certification demonstrates your commitment to staying current and getting ahead.

In both B2B & B2C sales, the reality is that employers demand ever more complex skills of their salespeople. But there was nowhere to have those skills certified. Until now.

ESI’s unique stackable certifications are designed by and for employers worldwide. Think of it as personalised continuous professional development that builds the expertise you need for success.

  • Maps to qualification frameworks across the globe.
  • Proves that you have the skills that employers demand today.
  • Boosts your reputation and career prospects.


ESI gives you a sales certification you will want to post about!


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How are you assessed?


ESI courses are a thoroughly work-based learning experience. By design. This experience is not just about knowledge. It is about skills.

As a result, the assessment for your ESI certification is not just based on what you know. It is based on how you apply what you know.

ESI assignments are completed via our unique and innovative Business Impact Statements. Successfully passing these assignments determines whether you will be certified.

  • Demonstrate the new skills you have learned.
  • Showcase how you have applied them on the job.
  • Earn your stackable credential that you can share online.

How ESI’s Stackable

Micro-Credentials work.


ESI’s proprietary curriculum has been developed in conjunction with its independent Advisory Board – The Global Sales Skills Council. The programme is university credit-rated and consists of a range of standalone – and stackable – micro-credential courses.

ESI learners take a personalised pathway through the programme and a suite of certification options. You can complete the micro-credentials in any order and any timeframe that you like. Each micro-credential achievement in turn builds (or ‘stacks’) to a more senior certification – ultimately leading to ESI’s flagship Professional Diploma that is portable and mapped to international curriculum frameworks all over the world.

In summary:

  • 2 x micro-credentials =  Certificate
  • 3 x micro-credentials =  Professional Certificate
  • 4 x micro-credentials =  Professional Diploma


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The World’s First CPD for Salespeople


Continuous Professional Development [CPD] is a structured way to manage and track your career and has been available to every business discipline except sales. Until now.

ESI’s stackable credential model enables you to constantly hone and develop your skills wherever and whenever you like. Whether progressing in your current role or with an eye on the next step in your career, build your professional certification at a pace that suits you and your business.

  • Keep learning with a new micro-credential at your pace.
  • Demonstrate that you are committed to staying relevant.
  • Open new paths to progress your career.


Get Certified. Get Promoted. Earn More.

Why certification matters according to our learners.

Having a professional diploma and understanding sales methods makes me standout. ESI changed how I think and I recommend this diploma for anyone in sales and business.

Richie Duignan, Account Executive – Australia

I hit bonus this past quarter and it’s now the new normal for me. I also see the results in my professionalism, my new attitude and controlling what I can.

Lorri Ann Zelaznik, Sales Manager – USA

It has been really useful as it allowed me to put what I learned into practice without being in sales, and that’s exactly what I need and want to learn.

Mario Suarez, Head of Customer Success – England

As someone who recently moved into sales, ESI has helped me get into a sales mindset. The thing that I like the most is that everything I learn, I can apply in my job in real time.

Oscar Ruiz, Sales Engineer – Spain

ESI has changed the way I work. It has given structure to how we do things in our team and has significantly improved my confidence, especially when calling prospects.

Katarina Varga, Sales Manager – Croatia

ESI graduates come from all over the world and they work at companies like…

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