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ESI’s Growth+ solution bridges the gap between the skills your people have and the skills your people need.

With Growth+ you are getting a new, innovative online solution especially designed for companies like yours.

A solution that is proven to be truly unique.

All part of a simple, straightforward annual subscription that can start as soon as you want it to.


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Why employers love Growth+

Higher production: ESI is proven to drive better business results through real behavioural change.

Increased employee retention: ESI increases employee engagement leading to lower commercial staff turnover.

Talent mobility: ESI fills the commercial career & professional development gap and drives talent mobility and succession planning.

Shorter time-to-productivity: ESI can be an onboarding tool that enables rapid role transition and accelerates time-to-productivity.

Scalable: As a fully scalable online solution, ESI ensures consistency in skills development and support of remote workers across locations, time-zones, countries and continents.

Lower cost: ESI is lower cost in every way – far more cost-effective and less resource-intensive than traditional training. Customers have also reported lower costs in areas such as lead acquisition and recruitment.

Work-based: ESI removes the need to take salespeople ‘off the floor’ to develop new skills. The programme is embedded in the workflow driving real-time application on-the-job. Never again does performance have to stop for learning. With ESI, learning drives performance.

Certification: ESI provides a suite of options to validate the skills you need in your commercial teams.

A trusted partner: ESI operates as a truly trusted partner for your business – complementing your sales enablement strategy and reducing the load on HR, Sales Leadership, Sales Enablement and Learning & Development.

sales training curriculum

The complete solution for your business and your people.


From what they learn to what they achieve Growth+ enables employers to better develop, retain and onboard high performing sales people.


  • What they will learn
    At ESI, everything starts with our curriculum. The big difference with ESI starts as much with what we teach as how we teach it.

    The ESI curriculum was built to be different by design.  This is not another sales methodology – you will find plenty of them elsewhere. ESI is not about teaching sales people what to do. ESI is all about teaching sales people how to think.


    To learn more about the ESI curriculum and how it was built click here

  • How they will learn
    With decades of experience in the learning technology industry, building engaging & immersive digital learning solutions is in our DNA.

    ESI’s instructional model is ‘digital-first’ which means that the ESI solution has been designed specifically for online delivery using our proprietary Digital Learning Model.

    Growth+ provides an immersive and engaging learning experience that is based on world-class instructional design principles. This journey exposes the user to a range of interactive & engaging learning and development experiences.

    To learn more about our learning model click here.

  • How they will be supported
    A trusted partner 

    At ESI, everything starts with people – your people. We get to understand who they really are, their roles their development needs and their own motivations. With you, we identify targeted skills development and behaviouralchange.

    We develop personalisedjourneys for teams and individuals that develop the right skills at the right time.

    Learners are guided and supported on every step of  their ESI journey. Progress is monitored and obstacles overcome because, as our Customer Success team likes to say, ‘Life Happens!’.


  • What they will achieve
    At ESI, we have established a new global standard in professional sales.

    The ESI programme is university credit-rated and consists of a range of standalone – and stackable – micro-credential courses.

    ESI learners take a personalised pathway through the programme and a suite of certification options. You can complete the micro-credentials in any order and any timeframe that you like.

    Each micro-credential achievement in turn builds (or ‘stacks’) to a more senior certification – ultimately leading to ESI’s flagship Professional Diploma that is portable and mapped to international curriculum frameworks all over the world.

    To learn more about ESI certification options click here.

sales training solution

The ESI solution is built on science.

This just doesn’t happen by accident. The ESI solution is built on years of research and decades of instructional design experience and science. The skills codified in the ESI curriculum are custom fit to match the exact skills employers like you need in your sales people – but cannot find.

Our ESI sales certification programme is proven to work because our world-leading instructional design is focused not just on generating great learning outcomes but also driving real behavioural change that drives better results – on the job.

sales training solution

Learn it at lunchtime. Apply it in the afternoon.


Better still, all of this is done online and on demand. 24/7. 365 days a year. It doesn’t matter where your people are or when they want to learn. No need to take your people off the job to learn, ESI is embedded in the workflow and applied on the job in real time.

sales training certifications


Fits with what you already do.

We also know that there is some sales training that employers do best: product knowledge, industry knowledge, your chosen methodology – whatever it may be. ESI is designed to complement and fit seamlessly with the rest of your sales enablement initiatives.

We differentiate by doing the things employers cannot do due to time constraints, resources or expertise. Developing complex, sophisticated cognitive skills online is not easy.

Let ESI do it for you.




Zero limitations!

ESI’s Growth+ platform is fully scalable. As a supported, asynchronous digital learning solution, user access is global and 24/7 – meaning there is no limit to the number of participants in ESI.

It is delivered via the LearnUpon platform and is also available through a range of international platform partners.

The ESI solution is platform-agnostic. All learning assets are produced in SCORM and TinCan xAPI compliant files and are easily integrated with industry-standard learning management systems.

ESI’s Growth+ platform is a scalable and agile solution. It fits seamlessly in all your existing sales enablement initiatives.



What our customers say about ESI’s Growth+ Platform:

ESI’s insights played a role in closing a £500k deal this year. The courses helped us streamline the necessary efforts to seal the deal.

Chris Knight – Account Manager, United Kingdom

ESI has changed the way I work. It has given structure to how we do things in our team and has significantly improved my confidence, especially when calling prospects.

Katarina Varga, Sales Manager – Croatia

It has been really useful as it allowed me to put what I learned into practice without being in sales, and that’s exactly what I need and want to learn.

Mario Suarez, Head of Customer Success – England

The biggest impact of ESI was in delivering better business outcomes: I have improved my book of business and my forecast for the full year is now higher. My forecasting is simply better – not just how I forecast a month but thinking about the full year.

Andrew Golden, Senior Account Manager – Australia

Over the last couple of months, I have become a better listener on customer calls and internally, which led me to uncover what might be our largest Western Canada opportunity.

Daniel McCabe – Account Manager, Canada

Having a professional diploma and understanding sales methods makes me standout. ESI changed how I think and I recommend this diploma for anyone in sales and business.

Richie Duignan, Account Executive – Australia

Despite my three decades of experience in sales, the Business Acumen Micro-credential was eye-opening. It made me rethink how I manage my pipeline and encouraged out-of-the-box thinking.

Scott Major, Sales Director – Canada

As someone who recently moved into sales, ESI has helped me get into a sales mindset. The thing that I like the most is that everything I learn, I can apply in my job in real time.

Oscar Ruiz, Sales Engineer – Spain

I hit bonus this past quarter and it’s now the new normal for me. I also see the results in my professionalism, my new attitude and controlling what I can.

Lorri Ann Zelaznik, Sales Manager – USA

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