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sales training course

The Role of the Customer in Entrepreneurial Sales.

The Skills and Confidence to Succeed.

ESI graduates and their careers are thriving. They are earning more and getting promoted – and have developed skills that are benefiting them as they live their life, not just do their job.

We have made it easier than ever for you to start your journey, in smaller chunks, and receive certification along the way – not just at the end. There is an 8-week micro-credential course starting in January – The Role of the Customer in Entrepreneurial Sales. That means that by March, you’ll have completed a quarter of the programme, and have earned certification for doing so.



Innovative and Relevant: ESI develops the skills employer’s demand.

Our stackable micro credentials are the perfect way to indulge in sections of our growth+ programme. In this open programme The Role of the Customer in Entrepreneurial Sales,  you will focus on the customer and how to develop your understanding of your customer’s motivations and buying cycle. As well as learning to drive collaboration and partnership with your prospect that test, validate and align everyone’s expectations of the likelihood, size and timing of a deal.

This development of complex skills takes place over time and on-the-job leading to proven business outcomes like:

  • How to keep sales results central to all activities.
  • How to successfully collaborate with key stakeholders to drive results.
  • Being better prepared to manage the entire sales process.
  • Being better prepared to drive the prospect to a close on time.
  • Having acute awareness of the buyer’s motivations to shorten the sales cycle.
  • Learning how to creatively solve problems and mitigate risk.
  • Developing enhanced resilience and self-motivation via continuous personal development.
  • Adopting an entrepreneurial mindset and driving consistency in behaviours.
  • Professionalising Sales Today: by establishing a new global sales certification standard.

Sales Training – but NOT as you know it!

Our open programmes take place periodically throughout the course of a year. This allows you to take part in micro sections of our Growth+ programme and stack the modules together to achieve a professional certification in Sales. The open courses run for a period of 8 – 12 weeks depending on the content and is fully supported by our customer success team.

For a schedule of our open courses planned for this year, get in touch with us using the link below:

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The complete ESI Programme is unlike any sales training course you have seen before. The immersive experience includes core online instructional multimedia materials; an experimental mode where participants can reflect & test the concepts they have learned in their own working context; and a wide range of devices & exercises to drive real time on-the-job application of what they have learned.

There is no inflexible lecture schedule. The ESI Programme is always-on and waiting for our learners – wherever they are and whenever they like. All supported by our world-class Customer Success team who will design, manage, drive and support each personalised learning journey as it happens.


Setting a new Global Standard in Professional Sales!

Our open courses provide graduates with a stackable micro credential. When the four micro credentials have been attained, they can be stacked together providing the learner with a professional diploma which is credit-rated by GCU.

After completion of this open course, you will be awarded a micro credential in “THE ROLE OF THE CUSTOMER IN ENTREPRENEURIAL SALES.”

The ESI online sales training course establishes a new global certification standard for sales today. For the first time, ESI enables Sales to be recognised as a Profession – not just a job. This Sales Training Programme is credit-rated by Glasgow Caledonian University which is a specialist in work-based learning programmes. ESI offers a number of certification options – including our flagship Professional Diploma that is mapped to the European Qualifications Framework. All of ESI’s stackable credentials validate and develop certified sales skills for employers & employees alike.

Programme Outline

Your Customer

Your Customer

  • Develop your understanding of your customer’s motivations and buying cycle and whether and when they are likely to do a deal with you. Plan and develop a unique questioning strategy that will increase the ability to close deals on time.
  • Develops skills including problem-solving, adaptability, questioning and listening.


‘Active listening takes time but I can think of two deals I am working right now where I can see the difference in progress based on the amount of time I have personally spent engaged.’

Customer Relationships

Customer Relationships

  • Drive collaboration and partnership with your prospect that test, validate and align everyone’s expectations of the likelihood, size and timing of a deal.
  • Develops skills including business acumen, communication, creativity and forecasting.

‘I put ESI into action this afternoon and have precise language, their why, dates with a quick timeline. Thank you!’

Time & Efficiency

Time & Efficiency

  • Understand the much overlooked importance of time in Entrepreneurial Sales and how to manage the impact of time on closing deals. Learn how to work efficiently and to weed out ‘distractor’ tasks that do not contribute to you reaching your target.
  • Develops skills including time management, discipline and confidence.


‘I have grown in confidence. I get easily distracted so I am learning to stick by my schedule. I am more focused and organised so I know when a deal will close.’

 ESI graduates say the ESI programme has changed their world:

“Thank you ESI – I hit bonus again. This is my new normal – living in the top 10% of my sales team.” 

“Thank you ESI for this incredible experience. If you think you know enough about sales, you should definitely try this.’’

“ESI has been a unique course that really resonated with my day-to-day and broader experience to date.” 

Our customers, partners and learners consistently tell us that the ground-breaking ESI programme is truly unique.

This is Sales 4.0 – training and certification like you have never seen before. And, above all, ESI works! Help your team develop the skills they need to reach their potential and accelerate their growth. Contact us today.

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