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Why the corporate world needs a cultural shift to prize sales as a high-value career

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Alan Maguire, CEO of ESI, discusses the global shortage of skilled sales labour, why it feels worse than ever, and what we can do in the short and long term to fix it.

Mimeo, the global provider of online managed print and content distribution, has announced the release of episode eight of Talk of the Trade—Marketing and Sales Success Stories, a monthly podcast that focuses on providing expert-led strategies for business generation and growth.

Mimeo’s SVP of Acquisition Michael McNary interviews Alan Maguire about the global sales labour shortage, and how to fix it. A co-founder of ESI in Dublin, Ireland, Alan has spent years analyzing corporate sales to understand what skills employers need, what skills salespeople arrive at the job with, and what learning products can help close that gap.

In episode 8, Alan discusses the global shortage of skilled salespeople, which has always existed but has only gotten worse since the pandemic. He and McNary discuss the long-term cultural causes of a dearth of aspirational salespeople, why businesses must invest in sales skills training to develop and retain salespeople, and the actions sales leaders can take in the short term to fill their hiring pipeline.

The problem of hiring and keeping salespeople is one that keeps every sales leader I know up at night,” said McNary. “Alan and his team have done the research to break down this problem in a new and interesting light that will help our listeners understand why a hire-and-fire approach doesn’t work and how to set up a better hiring and retention system.”

“This episode is just the latest in a trend of episodes that our customers go to for advice in sales and marketing,” said Mike Barker, general manager of Mimeo US. “This scope aligns with Mimeo’s dedication and 20+ year track record of helping sales enablement teams accelerate their performance using our all-in-one business printing solution. We’ll continue to be a go-to resource that these teams can count on, both for on-demand, streamlined printing, and, now, for expert advice in every single instalment of Talk of the Trade.”


For more information regarding the topics discussed in this podcast please download the press release here.

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