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I delivered better business outcomes, higher productivity and became a high-performer

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Andrew Golden

Experienced account manager with deep and varied experience across several sales roles.


ESI gave me more confidence and the ability to make better decisions

Back when I was an Inside Sales Director handling operations across different regions, I found myself trying to balance a bunch of tasks—processes, training, methodologies—sometimes feeling like I was doing a whole lot without really nailing down much.

The impact of the ESI program on my career was profound. I can now take more responsibilities with confidence and make better decisions. I am better at time management and know where to better focus to achieving my sales goals.

What sets ESI apart is its immediate applicability. Concepts learned were seamlessly integrated into my routine. Although I was part of a group that was steered through the programme by the Customer Success team, I was able to manage my experience differently from my colleagues.  This allowed me to independently manage my learning time and focus on the Micro-Credentials that were more relevant to me.

ESI’s support structure is unparalleled. Breaking the programme into manageable Micro-Credentials enabled me to strike a balance between my commitments.



I delivered better business outcomes, higher productivity and became a high-performer


Performance soared

The biggest impact of ESI was in delivering better business outcomes. I have improved my book of business and my forecast for the full year is now higher. My professional performance soared, leading to increased responsibilities within my organisation that I can take on with confidence.

Better forecasting

Not just how I forecast a month but thinking about the full year. I am better prepared to overcome my own optimism bias. I can now believe in my own delivery.

Higher efficiency

I transitioned from a state of perpetual busyness to true productivity, strategically allocating my time to high-impact tasks. I started to manage my time more efficiently, prioritising activities that generated tangible results, and collaborating with my team to streamline workflows and optimise processes.

Remarkable growth

This programme was a gamechanger for me, giving me the tools and mindset needed to break through barriers and achieve remarkable growth. The impact of ESI in my sales performance is undeniable.



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An invitation to join the ESI community

My story is an invitation for all those seeking to enhance their performance and realise their aspirations.

My experience with ESI underscores the potential for growth and success achievable through focused education and self-improvement.

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