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I beat targets, earned more and gained expertise & peer recognition

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Lorri Zelaznik

Senior business development manager with extensive experience in account management, career advising and mentorship


ESI is impactful… it encourages us to think for ourselves

I’m an experienced person in the sales arena and have done a lot of traditional sales training in the past. I was very excited to get involved with something new & different and was genuinely surprised by ESI: it was not a traditional programme that says it will tell you ‘here’s how to make sales’.

That for me is the problem: these days there is no one way to make sales. But salespeople are trained to just follow the rules, follow the process. They are not always empowered to understand what they are doing and why: to think for themselves.

I could immediately see the value of ESI. I have a lot of experience and yet I had never looked at my sales world like this. If I was going to change what I was doing, I needed a plan. ESI gave me the template and the foundation to put all that together.

As a result, I wasn’t scared to go to my manager and make suggestions, find out how they felt about my ideas about what I could do for the business if I changed my activities. As a result, I can impact the business positively.

ESI has been very impactful to me. It really encourages us to think for ourselves, to come up with our own ways to implement the programme into our business; to really change and deliver better results.



I beat targets, earned more and gained expertise & peer recognition


Beat targets

I really exceeded my goals and performance metrics across the board…133% over plan and 7% over a key metric that doesn’t sound much but, in our world, it was HUGE for that metric

Earned more

I learned how to focus and that, when I did focus, I could expand my financial gain – more than I thought I could. If you implement ESI, use it and take time to think….the return is HUGE!

Changed behaviour

I became an account manager. I learned that it was not all about outreaches per day and realised I needed to hit a different level of metrics. ESI gave me a defined game plan to get there.

Customer insights

I was able to go back to my clients and ask ‘What can I do better? How can we work together?’ Using ESI, I got a lot of additional data that I wouldn’t normally get and got to know things I wouldn’t have known. All of this allowed me to do different things to ensure success.

Performance management

I learned what were my risk factors. By tracking my performance, I was able to identify different actions and used what I learned in ESI to work out how to do that. ESI was eye-opening. I was encouraged to plot everything out and learned that I was trending to hit a much larger number than I thought.



sales training for employers

A HUGE thank you! ESI has contributed to my success.

My journey with ESI stands as an invitation to those seeking personal and professional growth.

ESI has not only elevated my performance but also changed my behavior and performance management approach, contributing significantly to my success.

A sincere thank you to ESI for fostering a transformative experience.

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