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ESI joins Membrain to Discuss the Importance of Skills and Certification in Complex Sales


ESI joins Membrain for a discussion on how Skills and Certification play such an Important Role in the Sales Cycle


ESI Co-Founder & CEO Alan Maguire joined Paul Fuller, Head of Revenue for Membrain for a fascinating Podcast that discusses the Power of Recognition and Skill Development with a particular focus on the global sales skills shortage.


Click below for a excerpt and the full Podcast can be found here



Our passion for sales comes from exploring a worldwide issue around a global shortage of talent in sales. Our diagnosis of this problem is anchored in the evolution of sales skills…. The world doesn’t recognise sales as a highly-skilled profession. We got really interested in that link between the evolution of skills and the shortage of talent and the opportunity to provide a university grade credential in professional selling,” Alan Maguire, CEO of ESI.

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