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Our customers asked us for a full Continuous Professional Development programme for their commercial teams. Here it is.

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Announcing the new Stackable Credential model from ESI.

A full university-grade professional and career development programme for your sales people.

‘I have professional and career development options for every team in the business – except sales.’

So said an early ESI customer in exasperation at the lack of independent sales certification and career development solutions for sales professionals everywhere. We agree. In fact, that is precisely why we founded ESI in the first place.

In response, we have developed an extensive university-grade sales training programme that develops the most in-demand (but in short supply) skills that employers need in their commercial teams globally.

The first goal?

Skills development, changed behaviours and better business results. Proven with our ESI customers and graduates all over the world.

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Our other priority?

Real recognition and validation of these higher-order professional skills in the form of university credit-rated credentials like the ESI Professional Diploma in Entrepreneurial Sales. Also delivered – for some time now asynchronously worldwide 24/7/365.

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We also recognise the variable rhythm and cadence of professional life everywhere. There are times for learning and times for other things: working, living, family & leisure. Real professional development is ongoing and, at its best, is flexible and adaptable to the needs of our customers and graduates.

We are, therefore, delighted to announce ESI’s new Stackable Credential model.

This enables full but flexible participation in the ever-expanding ESI programme. Learners build a portfolio of unit badges and micro-credentials that recognise the development of the higher-order complex skills that are part and parcel of commercial life today.

Our new Stackable Credentials allow people everywhere to build their own certification pathway as and when they and their business require. Credentials can be acquired in structured programmes or through self-paced and self-directed journeys. All via ESI’s unique Growth+ platform.

Over time, each micro-credential builds on prior certification to enable learners to achieve in turn:

  • Unit Badge
    • One Unit of ESI that equates to approximately 25 notional hours of learning.
  • Micro-Credential
    • Comprises 2 Unit badges
  • Certificate
    • Comprises 2 Micro-Credentials
  • Professional Certificate
    • Comprises 3 Micro-Credentials
  • Professional Diploma
    • Comprises 4 Micro-Credentials

Micro-credentials to Professional Sales Diploma | ESI

ESI is also delighted to announce plans to consistently develop new sales micro-credential programmes to offer more choice, diversity and flexibility in career development in commercial roles generally including sales, pre-sales, account management, customer success and many more. These new programmes will enable further accreditation milestones beyond the current university credit-rated Professional Diploma in Sales.

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