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Mastering the Fundamentals.


This Micro-Credential introduces the learner to the core principles and skills that underpin selling today.

This 12-week self-directed course enables participants to identify what is required in order to achieve improved results as well as recognise the factors that will impact sales performance.

Get Certified. Get Promoted. Earn More.

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✔ Online self-paced and available 24/7/365 with a personal Learning Advisor


✔ 5 immersive Topics across 2 units. 2-3 hours per week applied on the job in real time.

Price and Duration

✔ €1.250 for the Micro-Credential Course, Certification and a 3-month subscription to ESI.




What you will learn


ESI’s Business Acumen micro-credential introduces the learner to the core principles and skills that underpin selling today. This course enables participants to identify what is required in order to achieve improved results as well as recognise the factors that will impact sales performance.

During the course, you will learn:

  • What it means to be a sales professional.
  • What is required in order to achieve improved results.
  • To recognise the factors that will impact performance.
  • How to translate information into credible market intelligence.
  • How to collaborate to achieve better results.
  • The fundamentals of what it means to be a high-performing sales professional.
  • An understanding of business and how this drives higher performance.
  • Awareness of personal credibility, why it matters and how to collaborate with others to achieve better results.


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What ESI graduates gained from this Micro-Credential


Despite my three decades of experience in sales, the Business Acumen Micro-credential was eye-opening. It made me rethink how I manage my pipeline and encouraged out-of-the-box thinking.

Scott Major, Sales Director – Canada

ESI’s insights played a role in closing a £500k deal this year. The courses helped us streamline the necessary efforts to seal the deal.

Chris Knight – Account Manager, United Kingdom

ESI has changed the way I work. It has given structure to how we do things in our team and has significantly improved my confidence, especially when calling prospects.

Katarina Varga, Sales Manager – Croatia

It has been really useful as it allowed me to put what I learned into practice without being in sales, and that’s exactly what I need and want to learn.

Mario Suarez, Head of Customer Success – England

The biggest impact of ESI was in delivering better business outcomes: I have improved my book of business and my forecast for the full year is now higher. My forecasting is simply better – not just how I forecast a month but thinking about the full year.

Andrew Golden, Senior Account Manager – Australia

Over the last couple of months, I have become a better listener on customer calls and internally, which led me to uncover what might be our largest Western Canada opportunity.

Daniel McCabe – Account Manager, Canada

Having a professional diploma and understanding sales methods makes me standout. ESI changed how I think and I recommend this diploma for anyone in sales and business.

Richie Duignan, Account Executive – Australia

As someone who recently moved into sales, ESI has helped me get into a sales mindset. The thing that I like the most is that everything I learn, I can apply in my job in real time.

Oscar Ruiz, Sales Engineer – Spain

I hit bonus this past quarter and it’s now the new normal for me. I also see the results in my professionalism, my new attitude and controlling what I can.

Lorri Ann Zelaznik, Sales Manager – USA

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sales training curriculum

Proven Outcomes

For you and your business


Equip yourself with a suite of complex sales skills that drive higher performance

Develop the confidence and expertise to engage with senior executives – inside and outside your organisation .

Advance your career to the next stage by getting ahead & staying relevant.

Enjoy flexible, always accessible and scientifically designed learning that really works

Get an internationally recognised university-grade qualification.

Join our global community of Certified Sales Professionals



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Whether you’re starting or continuing your ESI journey, there is a course for you.

There are 4 ESI Micro-Credential courses:


 Results-Oriented Sales: Mastering The Art of Productivity

 Building Partnerships: Mastering Collaborative Selling

 Professionalism & High-Performance Sales: A Mindset Masterclass

 Business Acumen for Sales: Mastering The Fundamentals


* Click on the graphic for more information on each course or keep scrolling to learn more about the ESI programme generally


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